Cabinet door and Drawer front Materials

Door and Drawer front Materials:

  • Solid Wood (Best choice)
  • Veneer plywood
  • MDF (shaped and covered with veneer, plastic, or thermo foil). MDF is medium-density fiberboard is a heavy, flat and stable material made from wood fibers. It can be painted, covered with veneer or plastic laminate, or purchased with a thin-plastic covering called melamine already applied.

Drawer site materials (Does not have to match wood species of case materials)

  • Solid Wood (Best)
  • Veneer plywood (Second Best)
  • Pre-fabricated metal or plastic
  • Particleboard (Lowest quality)


If you are interested in semi-custom or stock cabinets, and are shopping at home improvements store, they will often give you a quote for sample kitchen for simple comparison purposes. A 10 inches by 10 inches kitchen is actually two 10” (3.048mm) walls, not four. They include upper and lower cabinets they usually count meeting corner unit twice.

For example if your kitchen is 10 x 12 (3.048mm by 3.568mm) and it have three walls of cabinets (roughly 32 running feet). It will cost around $3000 – $5000. You can save money by ordering cabinet’s from  for entire kitchen depending on the door style and finish could end up roughly $1800.

A Slightly higher –grade of cabinets of called enhanced can cost more than $300 per running foot. For that price, you get higher-end-materials and finishes, more pullouts, storage organizers, and crown molding. Finally, they might have a high-end (fully-equipped)line of cabinets with the highest quality of woods, more mill-work details, more pullouts, and storage organizers starting at around $500 per running foot (again, this is for the cabinets only-no installation).

Be aware, though, that buying cabinets is sort of like buying a new automobile. The actual price can vary tremendously based upon locally and how many options you want to add. In addition, the base price does not include molding, decorative hardware, special end panels, counter-tops, sinks, faucets, appliances, lighting, and other accessories.

Another issue is delivery. One of the home improvements chains ships six or less cabinets to your local store for you to pick up. If you order more than six cabinets, you can get them shipped directly to your home for a $150 delivery charge. don’t have minimum order and will ship the products directly to your home or project remodeling location. Delivery will usually be within 2 to 3 weeks.

We offering our client to order a sample door 12 by 12 size and if you purchase your cabinet doors from us we will deduct the sample price from your order. It’s a good way to get an actual feel of the quality of the workmanship, as well as how it would look in your kitchen.

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