Cabinets, cabinet doors materials and wood species

Cabinets are made from variety of wood species and materials. These can vary by the look you want and your budget. They also can vary in appearance based on the hundreds of stains, glazes, and paints applied. Here are some of the most common materials used to build kitchen cabinets.

Wood Species (Listed from least to most expensive) – The Cabinet Doors presented in this chart are custom cabinet doors.

Oak Cabinet Doors

Oak (Plain sawn) oak has a strong open grain pattern that varies from closely knit to sweeping arch patterns. Its natural color can range from white to yellow to reddish brown.

Aspen Kitchen Cabinet Door

Maple Cabinet Doors

Maple is a strong wood that is usually off white in color. It is uniform in appearance, making it ideal for a clean look. It is often straight-grained but can be wavy or curly.

Executive Kitchen Cabinet Door

  Knotty Pine Cabinet Doors

Knotty Pine is a light colored wood with brown to black colored knots. With time the Knotty Pine in a Natural finish will change in color to the traditional yellow pine color. This species is great for creating a rustic, yet warm cabin like feeling.

Ranchero Kitchen Cabinet Door

  Hickory Cabinet Doors

Hickory is a strong open-grained wood with a flowing grain pattern and dramatic variations in color. Hickory is often contains mineral streaks and might vary from light to deep brown in color, making each hickory kitchen unique.

Tuscany Kitchen Cabinet Door

Oak (Quarter Sawn) Cabinet Doors

Quarter Sawn oak is cut across the growth rings and its grain pattern is more subtle and straight than plain sawn oak. Quarter Sawn has a more traditional look.

Maverick Kitchen Cabinet Door

Cherry Cabinet Doors

Cherry is a very rich, multicolored hardwood, often used in fine furniture. It has pinkish-brown hues with shades of white or gray. It may contain small pitch pockets and pin knots. It will naturally darken as it ages.

El Dorado Kitchen Cabinet Door


  • Solid veneer plywood (Best)
  • Solid veneer-covered particleboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF) – second Best
  • Paper, melamine, or thermo foil-covered plywood or MDF (lowest quality)
  • Solid wood (Rarely used in the actual cases.  Used for face frames, doors, drawers, and occasionally shelves.)
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