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Unfinished Cabinet Doors Hinges and Boring Information

There are hundreds of hinges on the market and the quality level of hinges ranges from very good to very poor. The price range is almost as wide. To help our door users avoid the disappointment of installing a superior … Continue reading

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Vine-leaf stipple – Cabinet Door cecoration technique

THIS EFFECT IS BASED ON the Victorian technique of “fernwork,” the fashion of stippling onto bare wood using an arrangement of leaves as natural stencils. When the leaf shapes are removed, their silhouettes reveal the wood beneath. We recreate this … Continue reading

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Refacing Cabinet Doors brings a modern appearance into your kitchen

One alternative to completely remodeling a kitchen is to reface your cabinets. As long as you are happy with the current location and configuration of all of your cabinets, you can update and totally change the look of your kitchen … Continue reading

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Door and Drawer Fronts

One of the interesting and fun parts about selecting cabinets is you can dramatically change the appearance of your entire kitchen simply by changing the type of the door and drawer front style you choose. The appearance of the door … Continue reading

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Cabinet Door and Drawer Styles

Door and Drawer Styles There are three main styles of door and drawer fronts. Flush mount, full overlay, or half overlay. On the flush mount (sometimes referred to as inset) door; the door’s face is flush with the frame. That … Continue reading

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Frame vs Frameless Cabinets

It is simplest form; a cabinet is just a box. It usually has a back on it and sometimes a door the front and drawers, which are themselves just boxes inside. Face frame cabinets have a frame over the front … Continue reading

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Cabinets, cabinet doors materials and wood species

Cabinets are made from variety of wood species and materials. These can vary by the look you want and your budget. They also can vary in appearance based on the hundreds of stains, glazes, and paints applied. Here are some … Continue reading

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All About Cabinets before you go shopping

The cabinets are the real heart of any kitchen-remodeling job. They probably have the greatest impact on the overall appearance of the kitchen, and can be the largest single expense. Understanding cabinet styles and construction before going shopping or talking … Continue reading

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