Door and Drawer Fronts

One of the interesting and fun parts about selecting cabinets is you can dramatically change the appearance of your entire kitchen simply by changing the type of the door and drawer front style you choose. The appearance of the door is determined as much by the construction technique as the desired book.

Made from a composite material (edge-banded plywood or MDF), flat doors will not shrink or swell. They can be painted, stained, or covered with a veneer. Flat panel doors are usually flush mounted or used as full overlay doors.

Traditionally, cabinet doors and drawer fronts are constructed with a frame around the outside of a panel. Flat panel doors and drawers front create a clean, contemporary look to a kitchen. 


Know as frame and panel construction, it is used in classic and country types of designs.

There is reason beyond the visual appearance for frame and panel design. If a door is solid wood in composition, it will expand and shrink with changes in humidity over the seasons. It would be difficult to keep all of the doors aligned and they can warp as well.

Frame and panel construction can use a raised panel or flat panels as shown in this kitchen.

To counteract this, a wide solid wood panel is placed inside a slotted frame and allowed to float. The sizes remain the same and stay flat.

If the panel is solid wood, the edges can be shaped into a raised panel. A Flat panel creates a more contemporary or Shaker appearance. A pane of glass as the panel allows you to display items within the cabinet. The panel also can be made of plywood or veneer-covered MDF.

A solid wood raised panel housed within a frame keeps the panel from warping and still allows it to expand and contract.F

Frame and panel construction can use a raised panel or flat panels as shown in this kitchen. Flat panel doors and drawer fronts create a clean, contemporary look to a kitchen.

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