Maple Cabinet Doors – a great choice for Kitchen Remodeling

Maple Cabinet Doors give kitchen light golden appearance. This wood is naturally light in tones which compliment the kitchen with warm look. Maple tight-grained wood has excellent durability; it’s fire-resistant, dent-resistant, and split-resistant.  There are only few wood types which offer the color flexibility of maple. Maple is well suitable for paint and it also handles stains of all types.

Maple wood might occasionally include curly or wavy variations in the grain pattern.  It gives your kitchen an “antique maple” look.  The subtle, pale tones of maple wood look great in kitchen and bathroom. You can stain the maple to highlight the whorl-shaped grain, and install your custom cabinet doors in the living room or den, where they’re sure to be conversation pieces.

If you would like to add more solid pattern to your kitchen, combine maple cabinet doors with marble floor or desk. It would be an outstanding kitchen look.

Some Maple Kitchen Cabinet Doors Ideas:

You can get similar look with our maple cabinet doors:

Augustine Kitchen Cabinet Door Executive Kitchen Cabinet Door Cougar Kitchen Cabinet Door Freedom Kitchen Cabinet Door 
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