Refacing Cabinet Doors brings a modern appearance into your kitchen

Refacing Cabinet DoorsOne alternative to completely remodeling a kitchen is to reface your cabinets. As long as you are happy with the current location and configuration of all of your cabinets, you can update and totally change the look of your kitchen and save thousands of dollars.

Cabinet refacing requires no changes to your plumbing, electrical, ceiling, and floors. And, if you do not want to change the existing counter-tops, you can leave them in place.
You can do the work yourself or hire a contractor who specializes in cabinet refacing. There is a variety of door and drawer finishes and styles available.

You start by choosing the door design, color, and finish and then measure the door and drawer front openings. Then measure the frames and cabinet end panels. Installation involves cutting and fitting thin self-adhesive strips of wood veneer (Read more about Cabinet door and Drawer front Materials) to the face frames or edges of frame less cabinets. (Read more about Frame or Framless Cabinets)

Another method is to paint the frames a matching or contrasting color to save even more money. After drying, the new doors and drawers fronts can be mounted and hung.
It is not a one day project, but a handy person armed with a minimum amount of tools can do it easily.

A very typical bland kitchen from the 1950s-and a good candidate for cabinet refacing.
By refacing the existing cabinets in natural maple and replacing the doors and drawers fronts, the kitchen stayed in the same configuration, but took on a modern appearance.

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