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Harvest Flat Panel Cabinet Door in Double cathedral Style
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Helpful Information:

What do I measure?
The door size depends on what stile of hinges you are going to use. If you are using our hinges it requires a 1/2" overlay on the hinge side. With double doors remember to leave a small gap in the middle so the doors can close.

Shipping and Delivery Information
It takes approximately 7 business days to build the doors and 2 to 4 days for FedEx to deliver the doors. It depends upon your location.

Hinges and Boring
We offer a top-quality, American-made hinges. These hinges are now used by most high-end cabinet makers across the country. The Adapter plate is for Face-frame cabinets with 1/2" overlay. Doors will have 35mm holes bored 3.5 inches from the bottom and top of the door. If you wish, doors over 48" tall may have three hinge cups bored, with the third hinge in the door center point (3 hinges are recommended for doors over 48" in height). Click here for more information.

Harvest Flat Panel Cabinet Door in Double cathedral Style

Price per sq. ft. $0.00
Our Harvest Flat Panel Cabinet Door is a double-arch (500 arch), inset-panel door
Min. Width - 9 1/2"
Min. Height - 9 1/2"
It is a Cope & Stick Inset-panel door
The stiles are 2 1/4" and the rails are 3 1/2" arching up to 2 1/4 at the peak.
The outside edge is our Edge #2
Starting from: $15.53
This sample is shown in Select Red Oak

Product ID: 923
Enter a width and height of the door in inches.
Width (inch):
Height (inch):

Price (per each door):

Weight (each):
Additional Instructions:
Please Select Wood Specie:
Drill for Blum Hinges - extra 9.00 per door:
Purchase Blum Hinges - extra $9.00 per door:

Harvest Flat Panel Cabinet Door in Double cathedral Style

The starting point for every kitchen, the bone structure of the room, is its cabinetry. Our kitchen cabinets are an attractive, durable solution to your refacing project.

Our current selection of wood species include alder, knotty alder, ash, cherry, hickory, knotty hickory, oak, knotty oak, clear pine, knotty pine, maple, knotty maple, white birch, oak, and paint grade.

Pine Knotty Alder Knotty Hickory Knotty Maple Knotty Oak Knotty Pine Paint Grade
Alder Ash Cherry Hickory Maple Oak White Birch








IMPORTANT: For all paint grade material selections, the panel will be produced with a MDF (Medium Density Fiber Board) panel whenever possible.  Certain panel cuts require the use of an all wood panel and that wood selection will be based on current inventory on the manufacturing floor.

If you choose to paint our products, remember that due to the lack of elasticity in the paint it is likely that you will see cracks in the paint as the wood expands and contracts with the changes in humidity. These cracks will be most evident on the joints of the doors and the space between the panel and the stiles and rails.
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Cabinet Door Shapes
Square and cathedral designs are universally known by those terms, but other styles go by various names, depending on the manufacturer.

Species and color aside, wood doors are available in a vast array of styles but the selection can be simplified by grouping the choices into one of four different types of doors: slab, plank, frame and flat panel, and frame and raised panel.

Panel Types

Flat Panel

Flat-panel doors have a solid wood frame and a flat plywood or solid-wood panel. From left, a Square style Aspen Cabinet Door in maple.

Raised Panel

Raised-panel doors have a solid-wood frame and a solid-wood center panel. From right, a Tombstone style Colonial Cabinet Door in Alder.

Door frames may have butted mortise-and-tenon (Cope and Stick) construction or mitered construction. Mitered doors are more expensive.